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Square footage in New York can be hard to find, but apartments like these up grabs, we’re making the search easier!

Fredrick Douglas Boulevard / West Harlem


30-11 21st Street #PH-A


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What do you guys think of these spacious homes?


When it comes to hiring a real estate agent, both for buying or selling a home, we’ve all heard horror stories; specifically, agents that were more concerned about the size of their commission than providing you with the best possible services. The truth is the ocean of potential real estate agents can be tricky waters to navigate, so here are a few things you should make sure to look into beforehand:

1.) What are their credentials? First and foremost, the amount of training and certifications a proper real estate agent must complete is actually quite daunting. Agents who are trying to cut corners in their field requirements will no doubt be looking to cut corners in other areas of their job, meaning there is definitely an increased chance of them selling you a shoddy home and leaving you high and dry. Make sure they have all the proper licensing and credentials required in your state.

2.) What is their experience? An important question to ask your agent is not how long they’ve been in the business, but how many buyers or sellers they represent. Many agents rely on the “I’ve been doing this for 20 years so I can assure you I know what I’m doing” line, when in reality they could have very well spent the first 19 years as an administrative assistant.

3.) How many first time home-buyers (or sellers) have they worked with? People buying or selling a home for the first time often take up more time and resources than those that are more experienced. Simply put, they just don’t know what they’re doing yet, so they often need someone to metaphorically (and sometimes quite literally) hold their hand throughout the process. An agent that has worked with first-timers in the past will probably have a better understanding of how to make it easier for them, and it also less likely to become impatient or frustrated with explaining things he wouldn’t have to spend time on with other clients.


4.) What are their connections? One of the main reasons of using a real estate agent at all is because they know people. A good agent should be able to point you in the direction of a credible home inspector, insurance agent, mortgage lender, and other professionals in the field. An agent that is clueless about this part of the process most likely has less experience than they lay claim to.

5.) What are their previous clients saying about them? And not the ones on their website. Of course an agent is going to post glowing reviews, but what about the not-so-positive feedback? That’s where sites like Yelp come in handy. Yelp allows customers to post all reviews, good or bad, so you get an idea of an agent from straight from the clients they have represented. Go through the reviews and see if you can notice any patterns. Was the service prompt but clients were consistently shown properties out of their price range? Is the agent knowledgeable, yet pushy? Were they a dream to work with in every category? Do your research! You can read Yelp reviews about Ardor Real Estate here.

What do you look for in a good real estate agent?  

When designing your apartment, the master bedroom is usually the room many people consider the most important. After all, this is your space to get away and relax, it only makes sense that you would want it to be perfect. Well, one way to do that is to have a custom made headboard.

Now I know, I know, the term “custom-made” can seem scary (read: expensive), but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a little creativity and you can have something that is beautiful, unique, and a perfect extension of your personality.

Old boat oars add a charming touch:


Wall art makes a dramatic statement:


This wooden design is both masculine and elegant:


Offset pillows make a modern and unique statement:


A shelf with picture frames supports a floating, tufted headboard:


Elegant and feminine:


Privacy panels come in a variety of shapes and colors, and almost always can be used as a creative headboard:


An old sign makes this headboard quirky and original:


Painted with chalkboard paint, this headboard serves double duty. What a great way to leave messages for your loved ones in the morning!

What do you guys think?

For most people, the term “bachelor pad” doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of elegance and cleanliness. Personally, I tend to envision beer cans and pizza boxes stacked by a La-Z-Boy recliner, dirty socks strewn about the room and an odd and unappealing scent in the air. These bachelor pads, however, seem to bring an entirely different (and surpisingly pleasant) meaning to the phrase:   




What do you guys think?


Ah, the dream of owning a home. It’s a familiar concept to a great many of us, and especially in a happening city like New York. And while the idea of buying a beautiful, turn-key apartment in a trendy downtown area may seem like the perfect package, the price-tag of such an apartment tends to be not quite as dreamy. As a result, there has been a rising interest in purchasing a home in less than perfect condition with intent to renovate it on your own dime and on your own time. In some cases, this can work out pretty well if you are decently handy around the house. For the rest of us though, without 10+ years carpentry experience, we can find ourselves in hot water faster than we thought possible.

So when deciding on a fixer upper, here are a few things to keep in mind. If your potential apartment or house shows any of these characteristics, it may be time to look elsewhere.

1.) Does the house have lasting damage? Sure that little crack in the foundation may seem like a minor problem, but it could be enough to condemn your home in the future. Then again, that little crack may just be a crack in the paint, which is really nothing to worry about. A flat roof? Termites? Dust and mold? Even a rat infestation may take hours and hours (read: dollars and dollars) of man power to eradicate. It’s well worth it to hire an inspector beforehand to make sure you know what you’re getting into, and for the most of us, these are problems too big to solve ourselves.


2.) What condition are the elements of the house in? Namely, the cooling and heating elements. Along with your first inspection, but sure to have an HVAC professional come in to take a look at the condition of your furnace and pumps. What’s even more important though, is that they check to make sure everything is connected and functioning! As sad as it is, telling the future homeowner the furnace is brand new often proves to be enough to ease their minds. Later though, this poor guy would come to learn that any pipes leaving the house aren’t attached to anything, meaning any kind of hookups (usually a couple thousand dollars) are going to be coming out of his paycheck.

3.) How much time can you realistically spend doing these repairs? Make sure you think long and hard about these possibilities. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have loads of free time to spend renovating your bathroom, and regardless of how much experience you have doing these things that doesn’t mean you have the extra time to do it now. In addition, how long will you be able to live with this part of your home temporarily out of order? Is there a shower at your gym you can use while yours isn’t functional? Is that gym 40 minutes away? This brings me to my next point:

4.) Are the cost of the renovations worth what you’re saving in the original cost? Scoring a great deal is one thing, but scoring a great deal on a bare and broken shoebox is quite another. Draw out your budget beforehand so you know what your maximum price is for a turn-key home and what your maximum price is for a fixer upper (materials, workers, etc). Also keep in mind your intended quality of living. If you like things a bit more luxurious than the average homeowner, be sure to account for it in your budget.


5.) When can you move in? If the work means you won’t be able to move in for a few weeks (maybe a few months) can you afford to pay for two places at once? If so, how long? Renovations often uncover other issues the homeowner was unaware of, meaning the time table tends to be longer than expected.

For more information about New York real estate, or just real estate questions in general, make sure you stop by our site at!

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