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When designing your apartment, the master bedroom is usually the room many people consider the most important. After all, this is your space to get away and relax, it only makes sense that you would want it to be perfect. Well, one way to do that is to have a custom made headboard.

Now I know, I know, the term “custom-made” can seem scary (read: expensive), but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a little creativity and you can have something that is beautiful, unique, and a perfect extension of your personality.

Old boat oars add a charming touch:


Wall art makes a dramatic statement:


This wooden design is both masculine and elegant:


Offset pillows make a modern and unique statement:


A shelf with picture frames supports a floating, tufted headboard:


Elegant and feminine:


Privacy panels come in a variety of shapes and colors, and almost always can be used as a creative headboard:


An old sign makes this headboard quirky and original:


Painted with chalkboard paint, this headboard serves double duty. What a great way to leave messages for your loved ones in the morning!

What do you guys think?


While New York may be well known or it’s abundance in culture, nightlife and much, much more, there is one thing that New York is extremely scarce…space. Many people moving to New York are doing so from a place where the cost/foot of space in an apartment or house was much lower, and seeing exactly how far their budget can go when it comes to square footage can come as a bit of a shock.

No worries though, if New Yorkers are one thing it is space efficient. All you need to do is rework how you think of storage, so here are five space-saving tips that will put your mind at ease:

1.) Think vertical. While the amount of space around your feet may be small, many people will be pleasantly surprised when it comes to ceiling height, so why not take advantage of it? Purchase (or build) shelving units that go all the way up to the ceiling. Install cabinetry on top of a pantry. If there is already storage on your wall and it doesn’t go all the way up extend it. You want to use every square inch of your apartment, and reaching up to the ceiling is a very useful way to do it. And speaking of the ceiling…


2.) Use the ceiling. Ceiling storage may seem a bit odd, but why not? It’s extra space that you could use. Even something as simple as using hooks and fishing wire to create a bit of a “net” is incredibly low cost and very effective, and covering the bottom of the “net” with a fabric in the same color as your ceiling would make it seamlessly blend in. Or, leave it uncovered so allow yourself to see exactly what is up there.


3.) Install Velcro or magnetic strips. These are low cost, easy to install and incredibly efficient. Instead of taking up valuable space on the floor or on a desk with bowls and storage bins, use your walls to hang things up quickly. Use a magnetic strip for pesky loose bathroom supplies like bobby pins or tweezers, and use a Velcro strip for things like children’s toys. Even putting it at a height they can reach will be mean they hang up their toys on their own.


4.) Install a tension rod. Tension rods can work wonders in a small space. Just think of your closet. While there may be shelving on either side, what about the extra few feet about where your clothes are hanging? In New York, that extra footage needs to be put to good use. So by installing one tension rod deep in the closet and close to the ceiling, and then another at a lower, shallower spot, you’ve essentially just doubled your hang-able closet space.


5.) Take advantage of hidden potential. There are places all throughout your apartment that you could use for storage and one of these places would be under the bed. In this day and age there are countless beds made with built-in storage. Unless you’re planning on using the first few feet from your ceiling down for storage, consider purchasing a bed that sits a few feet off the ground and use the underneath for storing shoes, seasonal decorations, art supplies, you name it!


What ways can you think of that maximize your home’s storage potential?